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This is a picture of the OB/GYN Staff standing by the Hiawatha Community Hospital staff

Having your baby at Hiawatha Community Hospital means having an ease of mind that you are in excellent hands.From the very start our OB Physicians and RN's work with you to to have the best possible birthing experience. We implement natural techniques for pain management when it comes time such as acupressure points, warm baths and utilizing birthing balls, and of course walking!

Our recently updated OB department has one LDRP, one LDR and three postpartum rooms which have delivery beds that allow for multiple positions for L&D such as; princess position, squatting and lying down. We have central fetal monitoring and telemetry monitoring to allow for mobility during labor.

Our Registered Nurses and staff have advanced training in childbirth education, fetal monitoring, neonatal care and breastfeeding. We also have certified lactation educators and are partnered with an onsite clinic who hosts the La Leche League(breast feeding support group). We firmly believe that if you decide to breastfeed, having a support system as you begin breastfeeding your newborn baby is one of the reasons mothers achieve their goals.We are here to help you succeed! With that in mind our OB staff has recently implemented the High 5 program at our facility and are striving for High 5 certification.

What can you expect from the High 5 program?

1.Skin-to-skin right after birth
If you do desire,your baby will be placed on your chest right after birth so you and baby can bond.

2.Nothing but breast milk
Your baby will thrive on your milk and nothing else unless medically indicated.

3."Rooming In"
Your baby may stay in your room(depending on delivery circumstances)so you can learn your baby's routine in regards to hunger cues.

4.No pacifiers or bottle nipples
Your baby needs to learn how to nurse at the breast without the interference or confusion of pacifiers or bottle nipples.

5.Breastfeeding resources
You will be given information for breastfeeding support in our community.

In order to help you better prepare for the birth of your baby we offer childbirth preparation courses, please click Here to register today.

For more information please call Chelsea James at 785-742-6297 or email

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